At Tennis-Talents (TT) you can find professional and qualified coaching consulting services, at all levels, with a main focus on young, high level oriented players.

We guide a PLAYER and his/her FAMILY on the path to professional tennis helping to define the best possible individual PROJECT.

Many years of success in scouting, coaching and advising are the guarantee of TT’s effective way of working, based on TT Formula and TT Method.

It is matter of fact that a lot of players, who have a good potential, do not succeed, mainly for not having an appropriate project of career. Families without expertise are trying to “walk” alone in this jungle and very often fail.

TT Formula

1. Player’s evaluation form

2. Interview form

3. Report form

4. Project form

TT Method

• Computational Thinking

• Dynamic Systems motor learning theory

• Pygmalion effect

• Senses stimulation through differentiation

• Match data analysis